Thursday, February 25, 2010

Improving the Business Climate to Create Jobs

None of these ideas include the government directly creating a job (which would have to be paid for by higher taxes) but improving the business climate to create the atmosphere for entrepreneurship, innovation and risk-taking by businesses trying new things.

This local approach to Right-to-Work could be the means to bit by bit improve the image of the state as anti-business/anti-jobs, and make the state more competitive. Local Right-to-Work [Mackinac Center] Feb. 25, 2010

This editorial clearly paints the difference between the parties' approaches to turning Michigan around. The "Spenders" (aka the "Tax and Spenders") plan does nothing to encourage job growth, but only supports the public employees' jobs. We must do better than that. It's Reformers vs. Spenders in state faceoff From the Detroit News. Jan. 28, 2010

Now here are some great New Year's resolutions worth making AND keeping. Michigan's 2010 New Year's resolutions State must say goodbye to its lost decade and start new year on a more productive path. From the Detroit News. Dec. 31, 2009

In this philosophical debate on how best to create jobs, I come down on the side of creating a better business climate for all businesses in Michigan, encouraging all businesses to flourish, to harness the entrepreneurial spirit and innovativeness that made Michigan the envy of the world years ago. I simply do not believe that bureaucrats in Lansing can pick the winners better than the best minds in business and finance who are risking their own money and careers with their investment choices. Sharing Ideas for a Better Michigan: Bureaucrats Should Not be Picking Winners and Losers in Our Fre Dec. 29, 2009

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