Saturday, July 24, 2010

Embryonic Stem Cell Research and Answering Questions on the Fly

I wish to clarify and/or amend my statement concerning my support for allowing embryonic stem cell research reported in "Field Of Conservative Republicans File For Angerer's Seat, Volume #49 Report #137 Friday, July 16, 2010".

Proposal 2 of 2008 added a constitutional amendment allowing embryonic stem cell research to the Michigan Constitution. As an elected State Representative, I would be bound by my oath of office to uphold the Constitution.

However, under the belief that life begins at conception, the use of embryos in research is morally wrong, especially where alternative sources exist for research, such as adult stem cells. I would support legislation which provides reporting and oversight of human embryo research and prohibits the expansion of such research into areas such as creating human-animal hybrid embryos, buying and selling human eggs or human embryos and cloning technology.

Any confusion on this issue demonstrates the hazard of answering questions “on the fly” on my cell phone while in my vehicle, similar to legislators voting on bills they have not seen or had a chance to read and thoroughly review, and consult with others more expert in the subject matter. This particular issue is not one in which I am an expert, with my focus on the economic issues, as we must get Michigan back to work.

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