Thursday, August 13, 2009

Republicans Support Health Care Reform - Just not the President and the Democrat Congress's Proposals

Lest the Republicans be labeled the "Party of NO", let it be known throughout the land that Republicans do have a plan for health care reform that does address the problems of cost control, more access to health care and promoting healthy living and quality care for all Americans. See House GOP Solutions Group Outlines Health Care Plan to Increase Affordability, Accessibility, Availability

What is clear, however, is that the Republican proposal maintains a much higher level of individual choice, including protecting Americans from being forced into a new government-run health care plan "that would: a) eliminate the health care coverage that more than 100 million Americans currently receive through their job; b) limit your choice of doctors and medical treatment options; and c) result in the federal government taking control of your health care."

Although this is not yet a detailed plan (i.e., it does not run over 1000 pages, just 4), you may wish to take a look, to see if this is not more in line with what would be acceptable to you.


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  1. Yes I am so tired of the media calling people "healthcare reform protestors". We aren't protesting healthcare reform - we have many ideas for healthcare reform. We are just protesting this particular horrible bill...