Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Comparing Health Care Plans - Focus on Costs Still Needed

Yesterday, US Budget Watch released "Comparing Health Care Plans: A Guide to Health Care Reform Proposals in the 111th Congress." The paper offers detailed summaries of the three major health care reform bills being considered in Congress, and their fiscal implications. http://usbudgetwatch.org/document/comparing-health-care-plans-guide-reform-proposals

They have maintained their insistence on cost control:

"Expanding health insurance will be extremely expensive, notably, at a time when the federal budget is already facing huge fiscal imbalances. Merely offsetting the new costs of a bill will not be sufficient to make a reform plan fiscally responsible since those offsets could otherwise be used to help close the longterm fiscal gap. Instead, a fiscally responsible plan must include aggressive measures that would help slow the growth of overall health care spending and reduce health care costs for the federal government. As debate and negotiation continues, we urge a strong focus on cost; not just over the next ten years, but over the long-term."

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