Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Five Step Program to Kick the Tax and Spend Addiction and Grow Jobs

Business Leaders want Michigan to be a Top 10 state for job and economic growth. Read their report, which has many ideas on what can be done, both short term and long-term. Their five step turn around plan includes:

STEP 1: Changing the Way We Manage Our Finances
STEP 2: Right-sizing & Enacting Structural Budget Reforms
STEP 3: Getting Michigan Competitive To Attract & Retain Jobs
STEP 4: Making Investments That Create A Great Job Environment
STEP 5: Accelerating Job Growth Through Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Download the full plan from the Business Leaders for Michigan website for the specific actions under each step, along with the rationale. This is a good place to start, even if we might not agree with all of the specifics.

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