Thursday, November 26, 2009

Bipartisan Reforms Would Strengthen State Education

This article by Senate Majority Leader Mike Bishop makes sense. Education must be a top priority in our long run economic growth in our state (along with improving the business climate). The challenge is finding sufficient savings in the remainder of the state budget to keep adequately funding education without raising taxes. It can be done.

Bipartisan reforms would strengthen state education
Sen. Michael D. Bishop

Politics should stop at the classroom door when reforming education.

Michigan must move now to turn around failing schools.

When it comes to improving the education of our children, making sure they have top-quality schools and preparing them for 21st-century jobs, we must put politics aside and work together

Now is the time to make real, meaningful reforms to turn around failing schools and increase statewide student achievement.

Senate Republicans continue to work on several key reforms that fulfill the requirements of President Barack Obama's Race to the Top plan, which makes our state eligible for up to $400 million in additional funding to improve Michigan schools. . . . ”

Senate bills

  • Bill 965: Creates an "interim teaching certificate" for individuals with a college bachelor's degree who are taking a 12 credit hour alternative "intensive teaching program" that meets state standards.
  • Bills 925 and 926: Allows "schools of excellence" operated by highly accredited charter or other public schools from outside the state. They don't count against state cap of 150 charter schools. Districts where these schools exist would receive state "transition payments" to ease possible student losses.
  • Bills 981-983: Failing public schools could run by a "turnaround school chief educational officer" or management firm that could reassign workers, suspend union work rules and control curriculum and discretionary spending.

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